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Capital Formation

Unique Custom Capital Stacks Tailored to your Seed or Development Stage Company Needs

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Professional Business Development, Marketing and Sales Services and Support

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"Truth and Technology Will Triumph Over Bullshit and Bureaucracy"

We embrace the "can do" ethos and motto of Rene Anselmo, the founder of PanAmSat. 

After getting my start in the emerging Video Teleconferncing Industry back in 1981 in my early 20s when I embarked on my first start-up "Journey" with a new company in Southern California named "MISAR Industries" to become the first Product Marketing Specialist for the company to assist in the development of and marketing of the companies line of automated Video Teleconferencing Systems... I was thrust into a fast-track education of the Satelllite Communcations Industry as it was developing to support high-speed voice, video and data services over C-Band and Ku Band Frequencies.   Because it was so expensive back then to utilize land-based telco links for video, we were looking to satellite space segments to support world wide communications links for the new Full-Motion Video Teleconferencing Solution we were developing called "MISAR-II. 

If you want to see just "How Far Advanced" we were in 1981 in helping to shape the emerging Video Teleconferencing Marketplace developing many of the early "In-Room" conferencing systems and standards click the MISAR Logo above for a more detailed dive...

During the next several years as I began networking in the Satellite Communications Industry, and for at least another 10 years after I left MISAR, I had the fortunate opportunity to meet and work with a number of satellite communications companies.  This included the team at PanAmSat that was founded in 1984.   PanAmSat operated a fleet of communications satellites used by the entertainment industry, news agencies, internet service providers, government agencies, and telecommunication companies.  PanAmSat effectively broke the monopoly on international satellite communications which was held by Intelsat, an international treaty-based organization founded and owned by several countries including the United States.  And it was PanAmSat, led by Rene Anselmo, (it's founder) to successfully lobbied the United States Congress to permit it to operate globally, competing against Intelsat.

And so now, the real reason I love the "Spot" motto... It's because it's part of the satellite communications history and legend that PanAmSat (and Anselmo) became famous for full-page advertisements in the Wall Street Journal depicting Spot, the PanAmSat mascot, urinating on politicians' legs. The company's motto was "Truth and Technology Will Triumph Over Bullshit and Bureaucracy."  Absolutely love it !

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Business Development | Turnkey Marketing & Sales

Business Planning

Business Development, Market Research, Competitive Analysis, HR Gap Assessments

Organization Design

Start-up Team Development, Executive-Level Recruiting, CEO Bootstrapping

Capital Raising

Seed and Development Stage Cap Formation, SAFEs, Follow-on Rounds, Royalty Funding

Marketing & Sales

Strategic Marketing and Tactical Sales Programs and Solutions

Product Development

Hardware and Software Product Development, Service Envisioning & Deployment

Technology Adaptation

Technology Assessment, Due-Diligence, Solution Scaling

Sales & Distribution

Value Added Reselling and Distribution Channel Managment Solutions

SaaS and Cloud Hosting

Client-Centered Web-Hosting and Cloud Management Services

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