Ensemble is based in Colorado Springs, CO at the foot of Pikes Peak

About Us...

Ensemble Ventures, LLC is a Colorado Springs-based Professional Consulting Services Firm started in May 2001, providing a full range of seed-stage business development solutions for start-up companies, as well as strategic support services for growth-oriented businesses who desire to maximize new product marketing and positioning activities, energize their national and international sales, and achieve distribution channel gains...

We do four things for our clients:

  • Business Development
  • Capital Formation
  • Technology Adaptation
  • Strategic Go-To-Market (Marketing and Sales Support)

For a more detailed summary of the above services refer to our Services Page.

Hands-On Collaboration:

We tend to take a "roll-up your sleeves" approach to each and every customer engagement. We believe our decades of work in technology-based start-ups, early internet service provisioning in fiber, satellite and wireless broadband, and innovative web-development and multi-media streaming solutions we were pioneering as the web was being formed and shaped close to 30 years ago... has provided us with a unique set of skills and perspectives that we bring to each of our customer's projects. We were there when the "web-started" and pioneered a number of "first-of-its-kind" services on the web. Contact us and we can tell you about it !

Over the years we have developed a series of "Fast-Track" Technology Adaptation Skills, and tactical "Go-To-Market" Sales Strategies that you can benefit from in your own business and product/service programs. 

Specialized Web-Development and Deployment Solutions (For Engaged Clients Only)

Also, we have an extensive ISP and Web Development and Hosting exprience spanning 25+ years of deploying web services, streaming satellite-fed and terristerally-delivered internet audio and video programming, as well as customizing specialized web content through specialized Content Managment Systems (CMS) that are integrated with Customer Resource Management (CRM) solutions exclusively for our clients to help support their business development and go to market requirements.   This is managed under our "CollabraFLEX" architecture where we develop and deploy leading-edge web solutions.  The CollabraFLEX platform is a next generation Web2Sales SaaS solution delivering cloud based CMS/CRM applications for Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMB). CollabraFLEX provides value through a unified app management platform for integrating "application-level" cloud technologies together so they delivery "user-centric solutions" allowing SMB end users to more efficiently buy and use CMS/CRM services in the cloud. The CollabraFLEX platform simplifies doing business in the cloud for SMB's with unified provisioning, reporting, billing and support for a variety of independent SaaS software solutions. This allows end users the tools to customize their use of CollabraFLEX in a way that best fits their existing business model and the needs of their customers.  For more information about this unique web-services platform take a look at the CollabraFLEX Overvew Page.

Your "CVO" On Call, On Point:

Also, in the course of our engagements with clients, we tend to like to "slot in" as a CVO, or "Chief Visionary Officer" to help support top managements goals and objectives and to be a peer-level "sounding board" and advocate for a CEO or COO where no-nonsense advise and council is needed.  At the right is one of our "Favorite" summaries of the CVO Role below as first envisioned by Tim Roberts, (the founder of Broadband Investment Group)...

What Makes us Unique...

On this web-site you can learn more about what makes us "unique", what we have "learned" from the many customer relationships we have  professionally "engaged" with over the last 35+ years, and the "experiences" we have gained though direct participation in as well as engaging in multiple start-up companies around the world.  We use both "old and new" proven best-business-practices and techniques as well as deploy and use emerging technologies to address our customers needs.

Contact us today and lets explore what specific business support services we can offer to you and your company's development or expansion situation.