CollabraFLEX is a next generation Web2Sales SaaS solution developed by Ensemble and Lucas Labs that provisions a cloud-based CMS/CRM applications platform for Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMB).  We integrate together leading CMS and CRM platofrms into custom solutions for our clients.

CollabraFLEX provides value through a unified app management platform for integrating "application-level" cloud technologies together so they delivery "user-centric solutions" allowing SMB end users to more efficiently buy and use CMS/CRM services in the cloud. The CollabraFLEX platform simplifies doing business in the cloud for SMB's with unified provisioning, reporting, billing and support for a variety of independent SaaS software solutions.

The architecture is based on a unique technology structure that builds on a foundation at a Tier IV Data Center and includes the basic IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS hardware and software pre-requesits for integrating Servers, OS, Network, Web-Hosting, and Software Solutions together into an integrated "Delivery Stack".  Then layered on top of this is a CMS/CRM integration utilizing either composite Content Management Systems and full-featured Customer Resrource Management solutions that are supported by real time databases, (like SQL, PostGres), which would be First Generation solutions, or taking advantage of API-based "headless" CMS and CRM's that are integrated using flat-file database, YAML and Markdown oriented solutions which would be Second Generation solutions.

Below is an outline of what we have been developing since 2016:  (This was our first generation hosting and provisioniing platform with a representative of old and existing customer web development and hosting integrations:

For more information about Ensemble's CollabraFLEX solution, reach out and send us an email inquiry at our Contact Us page.