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Ensemble's business development and collaborative consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities across two major areas of management discipline: Strategy and Tactics. 

How well you forecast and plan, determines how well you will impliement and execute that plan.  Full Stop.  Strategy & Planning First, Tactical Actions Second.  Nothing else matters.  In terms of strategy you need to have a major handle and grip on these primary strategic areas of operations:

  • Marketing/Branding/Positioning
  • Stage Appropriate Organization and Team Development
  • Cost-Effective Operations Management
  • Technology Adaptation and Deployment
  • Finance/Capital Formation

These strategic areas of focus will then enable you to effectively deploy specific tactical solutions and steps that will enable the transformation of your products and services into deployable offerings and solutions that generate income and effective gross margins that drive profits.  For tactics you need to pay attention to:

  • Sales Processes/Sales Management
  • Distribution and Channel Development
  • Program and Product Management
  • Customer Support/Service
  • Accounting/Cash Management

Integrated, Holistic, Intentional Business Development:

Along the way you need to stay on top of your web presence, investor relations, advanced analytics (for reach and range of your marketing and the performance of your sales), stay abrest of possible mergers & acquisitions with partners as well as competitors.  To do this you need to take a "wide-angle" view of your company in terms of your strenghts and weaknesses, (using the clasic SWOT assessments), but you need to dive deeper that just identifying a handful of organizational challenges you might have or skills or capabilitiy deficiences...

You need to have a SERIOUS understanding of your market and your competition, because they have a target on your back, and you have to act as if you are actively competing in a fast-track, "take no prisiors" marketplace. 

To help you compete, and to fight for Mindshare (Your Marketing, Branding and Postioning "Strategy") that leads to Marketshare (Deploying Cost Effective Sales, Distribution and Customer Support Solutions "Tactics") we bring deep, functional expertise to the table, to help you realize value across your technology and operational boundaries and between the HR silos of any organization.  We have proven that our "4-Basic Service Offerings" and their specific underlying approaches and methodologies have had impact around the world in multiple marketing and sales, product development, channel management, and go-to-market engagements with a wide variety of small, medium and enterprise scale customers and clients.   Want proof ?  Contact me and I will send you a very large CV/Bio !

Capital Formation:

Ensemble Ventures, assists seed and development stage companies with their capital formation needs by working as a corporate advisor to a solo entrepreneur or a full management team.   We work to secure early Seed-Stage Rounds of Capital, (utilizing debt, as well as equity forms of capital), as well as structuring SAFE Investments, (Simple Agreement For Equity) for initial seed capital needs in the early stages of a companies development, and then follow-on with support of subsequent Preferred rounds of investment for growth and expansion.  We can also assist with due-diligence, and support of existing internal legal and finance staff members in preparing capital presentations, pro-forma projections, pitch-decks, etc.   

Ensemble works "on the inside with management" in terms of a direct business development engagement so that your offerings are produced and pitched from the companies perspective.  Ensemble is NOT a broker, or securities specialist so as not to run afoul of FINRA Rules and Regulations.

Business Development:

A winning brand, marketing and positioning strategy requires a unique mix of "Envisioneering and Hypostatization".  This is the ability to envision new product and service ideas, and blend them together with concrete technology, customer-centric solutions, etc and then attribute a real brand identity to them (for a unique branding and positionng concept that the company can introduce into a market).   That is the core meaning of HYPOSTATIZE... to attribute real identity to (a concept).   We believe in every company there is a "hidden meaning" or true product or service differentiation... but it is usually obvuscated by an engineer's temporary product working name, or a "simplistic copycat" product naming convention.  It's the role of Ensemble to identify what the true winning “brand identity” should be and build a story and go-to-market strategy around it.


Technology Adaptation:

One of the clear challenges facing entrepreneurs and start-up companies today, is how to effectively identify, use and deploy the "right" technology at the right time and in the right scale.  We call this Technology Adaptation.  This is not to be confused with "The Technology Adoption Life Cycle" which is a graphical model illustrating the technology adoption process by society.

The model splits society into five segments based on their readiness to adopt a new product or service:

  • innovators
  • early adopters
  • early majority
  • late majority
  • laggards.

Don't Ignore The Adoption Curve when Adapting your Technology to the Market: 

Too much technology, or overly complicated product or services that rely on un-proven or expensive technology architectures tend to be expensive learning curves for both the company and their clients.   Customers’ needs and expectations are constantly changing, and the marketplace attempts to adjust or adapt accordingly. However, to make sure your products and services keep pace you need a product management and technology development strategy that can be tailored effectively to match your companies capabilities to deliver a product or service cost effectively.  Ensemble has been early "in the trenches", as well as operated all along the Adoption curve to help companies navigate and use technology  We can help you achieve an end-to-end transformation that enables you to:


Once you have defined your business strategy, created a compelling branding and positioning approach to the market, and adapted your technology to appropriately scale and cost-effectively create your products and/or deliver services to your targeted marketplace, you now need to craft an effective "Go-To-Market" Strategy that leverages the power of a well thought out brand and marketing message that can effectively be interconnected to a well-thought-out sales and distribution program that creates market demand for the companies offerings.  This is where experience counts in terms of understanding both B2B and B2C sales, as well as distributed channel marketing (through VARs and Resellers).  Ensemble has over the course of the last 35+ years developed a variety of unique and customized "Go-To-Market" strategies for a number of US and International Clients.  Example projects will be updated on this website in the coming months for reference.

Also, in parallel with the Go-To-Market strategies that Ensemble has developed for it's clients, it has been active in the local entrepreneurial community in Colorado Springs through it's efforts and initaitives in the area of Meetup Group sponsorship, (Colorado Springs Entrepreneurs Group) and the deployment of its "Venture Ventilator" services that includes the creation and evolution of Venture Development Clusters in the local marketplace to highlight and promote vertical market industry clusters.  For more information on these intaitive you can review the Venture Ventilator page.

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