Saturday (July 1st, 2023) — 1:00PM-2:00PM
Tiny House Regulations in Colorado and Standards for USA

Presentation Resources for Tiny House Panel

On, July 1, 2023, Mike Schmidt and Eric Fried presented a summary of the new Tiny House Regulations in Colorado that were the result of Legislation passed in 2022 in Colorado, (HB22-1242), as well as an overview of the newly developed International Standards effort for the Tiny House Industry (The ASTM International E.06.26 Tiny House Sub-Committee).

At the Festival, a live presentation and Q&A Panel Session was provided by both Mike and Eric and has been summarized into a PowerPoint Slide Presentation that can be downloaded below.

To Launch the PDF in a browser window, (supporting PDF File viewing) click on the thumbnail above.  Or to Download and view locally... Right-Click on the image above and save to a local drive.

Colorado Tiny House Bill Resources:

If you would like to view or download the Tiny Home FAQ published by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Division of Housing click on the image of the FAQ below.  Also you can view and download the recently published FINAL Administrative Rules, (effective 7/1/23) by clicking on the image of Admin Rules below.


  Document Resources available at the Colorado DOLA Website:

  Building Codes & Standards Website

  Legislation (HB22-1242)

  Colorado Revised Statutes 24-32-33: visit Colorado Legal Resources (lexis.com) then go to Title 24, Article 32, Part 33.



ASTM International Tiny House Standards:

Now that the Tiny House Industry has the ASTM International Sub-Committee on Tiny Houses officially in place with ASTM International... we as a collective group of Tiny House Owners & Builders, Tiny Home Community Developers, and local and county government officials can dive in and participate in the standards development process to address 5 major areas of needs:


Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny Houses on Foundations

Certifications and Inspections

Tiny Home Communities

MicroGrid Utilities


Our new Tiny House Sub-Committee is now part of the larger ASTM International E06 Performance of Buildings Committee...

Which is over 77 years old and had over 1,000 members !



 The new ASTM International’s committee for Tiny Houses is officially called ASTM International E06.26 Tiny Houes, and is under the master E06 Performance of Buildings Master Committee.  We started in 2021, and received official notification of the successful creation of our Standards Sub-Committee in Dec 2022.  To view our original proposal to ASTM back in 2021, click on the Thumbnail of the proposal at left.

  The subcommittee intends to address a lack of express, unified standards for tiny houses, as throughout the world they have been variously designated as impermanent residences or grouped together with recreational vehicles and caravans. An initial primary focus of the subcommittee will be to develop a uniform construction standard for a tiny house on wheels that will result in a new classification of housing.


The Approved Scope:

The focus of this committee is the development and maintenance of voluntary consensus standards for tiny houses, with attention to safety, quality, uniformity, reliability, consumer confidence, and ethical business practices, including, but not limited to, best building practices, test methods, certification, a global quality assurance program, requirements and auditing of 3rd parties that provide plan review and inspect tiny houses, tiny house community developments, micro-grid utilities, and minimum construction requirements. The work of this committee will be coordinated with other ASTM technical committees and other national and international organizations having mutual or related interests.

To learn More about ASTM International and to join our standards sub-committee use the link below: